Wave Shows Off 3 New Beach Queens

So you though Sena was the only Beach Queen we’d see tonight? Well, I certainly did, but now we have 3 (or 4?) more! First up is some girls from Yuru Yuri who were teased a while back. There’s the “heroine” Akari Akaza and also Chinatsu Yoshikawa, who seems (disappointingly) in the same pose with the same outfit. I wish there was a little more originality, but both do look cute. There’s also a clear version of Akari–why I have no idea! Apparently it’s supposed to represent how overshadowed she is by other characters.

The last one is also the best–the last of the Infinite Stratos girls, Laura Bodewig who is just SO cute! We saw her unpainted in magazine scans and it’s great to see her finished so fast. She also comes with an alternate hair piece and an alternate face! The Yuru Yuri girls actually come as a set of 3 with the clear one that retails for ¥7,600 and comes out in August though you should be able to buy Akari separately for ¥3,800, and Laura retails for ¥3,800  and comes out in September.

[via Wave 1, 2]


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