We Finally Have Images of the Saber Bride Figma!

Way back in September, Fate/Extra CCC went up for order, and the special edition came bundled with a figma version of Saber Bride. Saber Bride is an alternate version of Saber Extra, and thus not the same character as the original Saber–this is Nero, not Arturia! But the odd thing is, we were shown no images of the figma–not even a concept sketch.

Now, 5 months later, we finally have images! The figma looks just stunning, and far beyond my expectations. The detail is amazing, and I like that they zipped up her top so she’s not as exposed as Saber Bride seems to be usually. The box set is up at AmiAmi and retails for ¥10,479, with a spring 2012 release date.

[via Famitsu]


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