What The Heck Happened To Bandai’s Chogokin Aegis?

Aegis seems to be the most popular character from Persona 3, and as such she’s gotten a ton of merchandise. One of the more recent ones was Bandai’s awesome-looking Chogokin Aegis, which seemed like a higher-end version of the figma. However, it seems like we were horribly, horribly misled. Pictures of the final version have emerged, and oh my god what the hell happened to her face?

I think the comparison picture in the gallery from Figure/GK illustrates the changes best. She went from having a cool, vacant, robot-looking expression to looking herp derp. She looks, well, pretty horrible, and while the changes are small they totally change the mood of the figure. In half these pictures it looks like she’s saying “hurr, guys, look, I’m a ROBOT!” I have Aegis on order, and I am now dreading her arrival.

On the plus side, the rest of her looks very nice, and the poseability is really great, but I just can’t get past her stupid stare.

*Note: We’ve just updated the gallery with a comparison image of the figma and Chogokin, and the difference is pretty astounding! They’re almost the same size, but the armor on Bandai’s looks a lot better while the face on the figma is miles ahead. I wonder if they’re swappable?

[via AmiAmi’s Blog]


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