Winter Joint Exhibition 2016: Good Smile Company & Co


You know all those figures we just saw at Wonder Festival? You know, literally like 6 days ago? Well it’s time to… look at them again! In the most pointless event of all time. Okay, not pointless for the companies, but kind of pointless for us. Except we get to look at all the pretty figures again?

The goodies from Good Smile Company, Max Factory, Phat! Company, Wing, and FREEing were on display, along with several of the Nendoroids and figmas. I mean, not all of them, obviously. Because that would be a, like, 100+ picture gallery. And they’d have to haul way too much stuff over. So for now, check out the selection they had at the event! I still think something looks off with Yuudachi, but I sure am excited for yukata Aegis.

[via AmiAmi]


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