Winter Wonder Festival 2012: The Legend of Zelda’s Link figma

OH MY GOD YES!!! Now that that’s out of the way, I can’t believe that I get to say that there is a Link figma from the Legend of Zelda games on the way from Max Factory. As I’ve mentioned in previous wishlists, I really wanted for Max Factory to capitalize on the fact that they had licenses with Nintendo and now, it seems that they have! Link here is sporting his character design from Skyward Sword and looks truly perfect, even unpainted. The detail on the shield and sword look great and Link’s very unique face is rendered flawlessly here. I cannot wait to see more of this figure and I cannot fathom the multitude of other figures this could hint at as well; if 2012 is the year of Nintendo figures from Max Factory, then count me in and count me the happiest person on Earth!

[via @2tohei’s Twitter]


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