Winter Wonder Festival 2013: Hobby Japan


Hobby Japan, everyone’s purveyor of awesome but exclusive figures! Since they make so few a year through their manufacturing company Amakuni, it’s no surprise that only two new ladies were on hand, along with their lovely Yui Takamura. The first is that Soniko that we heard about, who looks cute but not like what I expected. Something is off about her bust, it looks too bulky and not at all like the illustration!

Then we have the majestic girl in the header, the Dark General from Shingeki no Bahamut. Anyone want to place bets on how much she will cost? Not like it matters, because I must have her no matter what! As pretty as she is I’m disappointed in the lack of 7 Sins figures, but maybe that has something to do with Asmodeus’ massive delay

[via Animate]


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