Winter Wonder Festival 2013: Kotobukiya


Kotobukiya usually has one of the biggest booths at any event, so you can expect a lot of figures! And indeed, we have a veritable ton. Let’s start with the teasers: they’re all here (of course)! Kobato, Ayase, Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi, Maou, and Meiya Mitsurugi, Panis, and Yukiho (along with a painted Hibiki). But of course it wasn’t all given away before.

As far as new figures go, we’ve got… Gumi! Yes, the Vocaloid. Surprising, I know, but she looks great! There’s also their Horizon figure of Honda that we found out about so long ago, brought back to live, as well as art for Tomo. There’s also the last of the Muv-Luv Total Eclipse girls, Inia, looking as divine as you’d expect. Oh, and Cu-Poche Mami! Phew, that’s a lot. But stay tuned… we have one more piece of Koto news for you coming up!

[via AmiAmi’s Facebook]


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