Winter Wonder Festival 2015: Alter


Alter has a habit of disappointing me at Wonder Festivals, but it seems like they might be turning it around this year because I am loving most of the figures they brought! Which, of course, were numerous. We’ll start with painted figures: the gorgeous Chitoge Kirisaki is painted, along with Rin Hoshizora, Shinobu & the devil-version of Sen Tokugawa. Also, the amazing Tamako Market dual-figure is painted as well!

There are a ton of sculpts including a surprise figure of Plamya-san, swimsuit Lorna, the Strike Witches we just found out about, and Haruna from Ars Nova (who is not painted yet, whyy). We also have two announcements: they’ll be doing yet another Saber Alter and also Niko Yazawa from Love Live. Velvet also made an appearance, though there only seem to be some small sculpting refinements.

[UPDATE] Added their Yuuki Yuuna, Gotou Matabei, Swimsuit Lala, and more! Check them all out in the gallery!

[via HLJ’s Tumblr]


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