Winter Wonder Festival 2015: Kotobukiya’s DC Comics Bishoujo Black Canary


Speaking of figures coming back from the dead, Lady Deadpool isn’t the only one that Kotobukiya seems to be using a Phoenix Down on at this year’s Winter Wonder Festival; Black Canary is also back! The last time we saw Black Canary was way back in 2013 at New York Comic Con and finally not only do we get some updates on her, but we also get a release date of October of this year. Exciting! The sculpt looks pretty similar to the sneak peek we saw back in 2013, but again, we can’t tell much from tiny little pictures like this and pictures from a projector like before. That said, I can’t wait for her to come out and kick some ass with the rest of the Birds of Prey!

[via AmiAmi’s Facebook]


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