Winter Wonder Festival 2016 Garage Kit Roundup


One of my favorite things about Wonder Festival is the garage kits. I mean, on one hand I can’t actually own any of them and that’s kind of sad. But on the other hand, I can’t own any of them so yay not spending money!

This year we have a really great mix to share with you. There’s everything from creative to sexy to cute–a lot of cute! Cute Dark Souls, cute Sonico, cute Kill la Kill, cute Polar Bear Cafe. We also have some US shows creeping in (yes, that is Finn & Jake!), a LOT of Kantai Collection (especially the bad girls–and the good girls in swimsuits?), Miku of course, a surprising amount of Persona merch including an amazingly perfect cat Aegis, and so much more. Check it all out in the gallery: and like always, all kits are named with both the circle & character name to help you find it if you’re going to the show!

[via Hyaka Koubou, d.o.a.t, Amon, Atelier Hiro, Ryou, Umiyama, Rampage, Ringo Renmei, Fixia, Abeshi15, T’s System]


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