Winter Wonder Festival: Kotobukiya


We have already seen quite a few figures from Kotobukiya: the Dangan-Ronpa announcement, Lum, Hitagi, Rikka, and Eren. You might have noticed a few figures from the teasers not covered yet: well they were there too, of course!

We’ve got the header gal, Bishoujo Starfire, who is looking amazing. Seriously, the hair. I don’t even care about how tacky her outfit is THAT HAIR. Speaking of clear hair, I think it made Fairy Asuna look a little pale in the event lights: hopefully her promo ones are stronger. Then we’ve got Ikaros, who I am totally in love with (wingssss), and Kilmaria Aideen from Shining Ark whose pose is more playful and fun than I thought it would be.

[via Akibahobby]


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