Winter WonFest 2016: Alter


Alter used to be a company known for their big, flashy, ornate figures. And they still make some, but most of their releases are small and understated, but still gorgeously detailed. Like the IDOLM@STER and Love Live! lines, both of which of course made an appearance at Wonder Festival. Of course they’re my favorite Alter figs of the event. Just so perfect, so detailed, so CAT GIRLS. Okay, I’m lying, the surprise bunny Sora is probably my favorite.

We have two Sabers: a lovely dress version of Saber Alter and a causal school Saber. Two of their Tales figures are painted: Edna and Julius Will Kresnik. Another boy is there too! Leonard Watch, who looks so cute. Purple Heart is finally sculpted along with Ema Yasuhara. Not enough? We have announcements for 3 (!!) more IM@S ladies: Anastasia, Minami Nitta, and Ranko Kanzaki. Plus Plachta from Atelier Sophie.

[via amiami]


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