Winter WonFest 2016: Amakuni


Ahh, Amakuni. What am I gonna do with you. They’re a mystery: some figures (I’m looking at you, Kasumi Iwato, and your crazy boobs) are just terribly made. Others, like the sculpts they showed off for Nunnally Shirokiite and Umuru, are just gorgeous. Then we have the lovely 7 Deadly Sins line and of course the big header surprise: Grizzry Panda’s AMAZING Homura & Madoka, finally as PVC! How do they make things so good and so bad? It’s a mystery.

We also have some announcements: Saki Miyanaga & Hatsumi Usuzumi from Saki Zenkoku-hen, Kashima from KanColle, and Kokuten no Miko Tamayorihime form Wixoss.

[via amiami]


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