Winter WonFest 2017: FREEing

FREEing seems to only make 3 things: huge bunny girls, tiny swimsuit girls, and medium-sized yukata girls. And sometimes boys in various sizes (though, so far, never a bunny one!). This year, yeah, that’s all they had. Lots ‘o bunnies, swimsuits, and yukatas. For some characters, like Rem & Ram, you get both mega bunny size AND mini swimsuit size!

We’ve got some bunny-sized Muv-Luv girls (Yui Takamura, Ilfriede von Feulner), Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! 2 bunnies (Aqua & Megumin), Highschool DxD swimsuit girls (Rias & Akeno) and the surprising addition of Shinji & Kaworu in yukatas. As for announcements, we have 2 Dead or Alive bunnies (Marie Rose, Honoka), 2 Girls und Panzer bunnies (Yukari & Kay), and Kaito. Man, I love how popular Marie Rose suddenly is!

[UPDATE] FREEIng is doing another tan waifu, aka Thailand Racing Miku 2016! SO CUTE

[UPDATE 2] Added some stragglers to the gallery

[via AmiAmi’s Twitter]


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