Winter WonFest 2017: Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya always brings out the goods for Wonder Festival, and this year is no exception! We have a great lineup of figures here, starting with of course the painted Protagonist from Persona 5. Yes, my beauty, come home to me. In other game news, we have their new Pokemon girls! Or, well, one of them sculpted, and the outline of the other.

The Caster/Lancer from their teasers is here, and looking adorable. We’ve also got a few old announcements finally painted: Vira from Granblue Fantasy (give to me now yes), RyuuZU from Clockwork Planet, and Charlotte from Shironeko Project. There’s a new Girls und Panzer bikini line: Anchovy is painted, and Alice Shimada will be joining her soon. In other new announcements, they will be doing Victor from Yuri on Ice!! Check ’em all out below.

[via AmiAmi’s Twitter]


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