Winter WonFest 2017: Max Factory

Max Factory is one of my favorite companies, but they’re certainly not a super productive one. They only had a few scaled figures on hand at WonFest, but they were lovely! Like that bike racing Miku: so cute! There’s also a Luka figure if you’re all Miku’d out. Wedding Lingerie Lala is finally here, and Murakumo from KanColle is painted.

We also have 3 Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata announcements (so many from them and GSC!): Utaha, Eriri, and Megumi. Oh, and there’s a surprise Devilman outta nowhere. A large portion of their display is dedicated to the small figures, like their Love Live figFIX and the model kit Plamax (Dirty Pair!). Plus we had all those Fate/Grand Order figures from earlier.

[UPDATE] We have a picture of their Iowa!

[via whl4u]


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