Winter WonFest 2017: Yuri On Ice!!! Nendoroids and More

Yuri on Ice!!! was one of the runaway shows of 2016 that captured many anime fans’ hearts (mine included) with amazing storytelling and gorgeous animation, so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing loads of merchandise from the show now. First up Orange Rouge will be making Nendoroids of both Yuris and Victor, which look adorable! I love Yuri’s little teeny tiny outfit and Victor’s suave sex appeal in Nendoroid form is quite hilarious and well executed. No sculpt of Yuri #2 aka Yurio yet, but he better come with pirozhki as an accessory!

Next up is the long awaited and teased Victor scaled figure by MegaHouse in their G.E.M. line that looks perfect. His face sculpt is spot on, the gentle action pose sums him up perfectly as a character, and all around this looks to be the figure to get if you’re a fan of the show. Last, but not least, Toy’s Works announced that they’ll be making scaled figures of all three characters, but they showed nothing more than that. Lots of figures to tide us over though, thankfully, before an inevitable season two!

[via whl4u, AmiAmi’s Twitter, and Yuri On Ice Goods’ Twitter]


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