Winter WonFest 2018: Good Smile Company

We have already seen Good Smile’s Fate/Stay Night and Vocaloid scaled figures, but of course they had a lot more. And I do mean a LOT. We are going to dive right in because there’s a lot to cover, starting with painted figures. Emilia from Re:Zero, Akari Kawamoto from March Comes In Like A Lion, Mythra from Xenoblade Chronices 2, HOT LIMIT Eriri Spencer, and the terrifying Antarc from Land of the Lustrous are all finished and nearly ready for orders.

For new sculpts we have Shuvi from No Game No Life Zero, the winged Kanade Tachibana, Altair from re:CREATORS, Shopping Mode Haruna from KanColle, and the lovely Wedding Louise.

Now for the biggest category: announcements! We have two super throwback ones in a new Lacia from BEATLESS (remember the OG?) and Black Rock Shooter Inexhaustible Version. We’ll be getting a new Cardcaptor Sakura, a Shopping Mode Kashima, a swimsuit Michiru Hyodo, Hifumi Takimoto, Siluca from Record of Grancrest War, and…. Kizuna Ai, because we need more bizarre pop culture figures.

[via whl4u]


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