Winter WonFest 2018: GSC & Co x Fate/Stay Night

Few things go together as well (and often) as Good Smile Company and the Fate/Stay Night franchise. And of course they had a massive amount at this Wonder Festival, so let’s just dive right in! We’re getting Nendoroids of Merlin, Miyamoto Musashi, Ishtar, and Elizabeth Bathory, along with figmas of Rider of Black, Jeanne d’Arc Alter, and Saber of Red.

Onto my favorite, the scales! Good Smile will be giving us Altria Pendragon (who looks stunning), Mash Kyrielight: Heroic Spirit Formal Dress Ver (what a short and concise name!), Mash Kyrielight ~Dangerous Beast~, and Altria Pendragon on a motorcycle. From Max Factory we will get Jeanne d’Arc Alter Dress Version and a soft vinyl Paul Bunyan (who is a Berserker–were they inspired by IT?). Last but not least, Orange Rouge is giving us two boys: Gilgamesh and the original Lancer! A little something for everyone, no?

[via whl4u]


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