Winter WonFest 2018: GSC & Co x Vocaloid

Would it be a Wonder Festival without at least one Miku-centered post? Maybe in the year 2060, but this is 2018. And it’s still the Year of Miku in perpetuity. This time around we’re actually seeing a little bit less of her (and some other Vocaloids) from GSC & co, but still enough to satisfy fans! We have announcements for a scaled Racing Miku 2018 and a scaled Chinese V4 Miku from Good Smile, along with a new set of Rin & Len figures from Max Factory: the Stylish Energy L Versions.

FREEing’s Thai Miku 2016 is (finally) painted, and we have two very exciting sculpts, both from GSC: the Chokabuki Kuruwa Kotoba Awase Kagami Miku (which is a bit… chunkier sculpt-wise than what I was expecting?), and the gorgeous Yoshiwara Lament Ver. of Kasane Teto. Last but not least there’s a figma of the Chinese V4X Miku and… a tiny little Racing Miku car!

[UPDATE] As I predicted, we’re getting yet another version of the Tony Taka Racing Miku!

[via whl4u]


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