figma D.Va Explodes Onto the Scene

Good Smile Company, Max Factory, and Blizzard Entertainment are on a roll over the last two years now with their Overwatch collaborations (Nendoroids of Tracer, Mercy, Mei, Genji, Hanzo, and D.Va and figmas of a whole bunch, with Genji being the last before her), and, the latest in figma D.Va is one of the most asked for additions to the line. Coming in her default blue and pink suit, D.Va comes with a bunch of accessories including her gun, a cell phone, soda, bubble gum, hat, and heart hands, allowing for a wide variety of poses and display styles. Sadly, no matching MEKA has been announced yet, but hey, even out of her mech D.Va can be a formidable foe.

figma D.Va is up for pre-order now for ¥6,800 and orders close on October 18th, for a June 2019 release, so if you need to have her in your collection to add a bit of, “Nerf this!” then order soon!

Pre-order At: AmiAmi | HLJ | Hobby Search | Big in Japan | Good Smile Company



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