Kidrobot Announces Their SDCC Exclusives And Pre-Order Plans


It’s that time of year again for San Diego Comic Con exclusives to start pouring in before the show in about a month and first up to the plate this year is Kidrobot, with a whole slew of exclusives. First up is a really awesome limited edition of 200 of The Litch from Adventure Time in an 8″ clear resin rendition for $100. This is probably my favorite of all of the exclusives and definitely something you won’t want to pass up. Then we finally have the final version of the Mr. Sparkle figure from The Simpsons that we showed off a bit of back at Toy Fair and he looks, quite frankly, phenomenal! This 7″ vinyl figure limited to 500 pieces and retailing for $50 is everything a Simpsons fan would want out of a Mr. Sparkle figure and I really hope there’s some left after the show to pick one up myself.

Over in video game land we’ve got two new additions: a 7″ version of Shin Akuma from Street Fighter limited to 500 pieces for $50 each and a 3″ metallic Mega Man limited to 1500 pieces for $15 each. The Akuma looks great in this colorway and Mega Man looks like a must own, especially at that price where he doesn’t break the bank as a nice souvenir to take home from the con. Last over in cartoon land we have three pieces: a new glow in the dark version of Jason Freeny’s Anatomical Wabbit featuring a dissected Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes that’s 12″ tall, limited to 500 pieces, and $65, and then two 7″ additions to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line with a gold Shredder and a green Triceraton, which will both be limited to 500 pieces and retail for $40.

Now, if you’re looking to score any of these exclusives, Kidrobot is now offering a pre-order situation where you order your items online before the show and then pick up at the show. Starting on June 13th, next Monday, all of these exclusives will be up for pre-order. To pick up your piece at the con you’ll need your order number, ID, and badge, and your names on all three must match, so no picking up for others! No word on what time these will be up on Kidrobot’s site, but that will most likely come in the next few days and best of luck to anyone trying for these.


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